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Beach Town

Our Services

Here's a list of additional services we provide for the working Bochur, and Married  Youngerman.

Smicha and other courses for the working class

Fill your workday with Torah-Life and conveniently choose which hours during your week to study. Make use of all the tools and classes we offer.

Healing retreats

Healing retreats a few times a year in different international destinations. Merging the mind, body and spirit.

Shlichus - Outreach

Get involved in lighting up your sphere of influence with one of our outreach programs.

Business internship

Intern and learn sales and to run a business with one of our partners. 

Chosson Classes

Prepare for marriage with the Halacha and right Hashkofoh.

Community service

Get involved in our Bais Schneur community helping those is need and reaching out for help and support.

What Our alumni Say


Tzvi Toron, Influencer 

"Bais Schneur is a community beyond academics."
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