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Yeshivas Bais Schneur has recently relocated to North Miami Beach, unveiling a new Smicha program designed to prepare Bochurim not only in rabbinical studies but also for married life. This innovative approach reflects a significant evolution in the Yeshiva’s educational philosophy.


Founded with the vision of combining traditional Torah study with practical life skills, Yeshivas Bais Schneur has long been a bastion of Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic education. 


The move to Miami represents not just a change in geography but a profound evolution in the institution’s approach to holistic education.



The newly introduced Smicha program at Yeshivas Bais Schneur catered primarily for ages 19-22 emphasizes a well-rounded curriculum that includes traditional studies such as Gemara (Talmud), Halacha (Jewish law) and Chassidus, alongside essential life skills training. The program uniquely incorporates workshops on relationship building, financial management, and household management, all taught from a Torah perspective.


This rebranding and curricular expansion cater directly to the contemporary needs of the Jewish community, emphasizing practical skills for daily living and marital harmony. There is also an option of Smicha and the other courses available for the working class or those on Shlichus living off campus. The Yeshiva’s location in North Miami Beaches' vibrant Jewish community enhances its mission, providing an ideal environment for growth and learning.

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