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bais schneur


Bais Schneur zal is a Yeshiva for Bochurim ages 16-19 years old that focuses on a personal relationship with the Bochurim in a climate of connection, honesty, and trust. The Yeshiva is a place where they feel most comfortable and are able to bring out their best selves, without compromising on the learning and Chassidishkeit of a Lubavitcher Yeshiva of the highest caliber. 

Our Inspiration

The Yeshiva’s goal is that every motivated Bochur should have a warm Yeshiva that provides him with the curriculum and environment where he can thrive. Our nurturing environment facilitates growth in learning and personal development as a Chossid.

A Forward-Thinking Faculty

Our Mechanchim connect with, guide, and challenge the Bochurim, cultivating within them a Chassidishe identity and a love of learning. They are relatable, and focus on the practical application of their subjects, addressing the challenges facing young Bochurim today through the teachings of Chassidus. Our Hanholo focuses on and encourages the development of valuable qualities and skills that will serve them in life, whether as a Shliach or a Chassidisher Yungerman.

An Individualized Curriculum

From Gemoroh L’iyun and Hashkofo Shiurim which address the minds and hearts of the Bochurim, to Halocho and Chassidus Applied, we aim for every Bochur to feel productive and successful. During the breaks, our computer room is open with programs in many areas installed that can leverage a Bochur’s strengths and talents, and an athletics center nearby for the Bochurim to increase their physical health, preparing them for a productive life as a healthy, Chassidishe Yid.

Our individualized curriculum provides unique learning opportunities for all Bochurim and their diverse learning styles. Whether they are more of a maskil or prefer a more hands-on approach to learning, each Bochur will partner with us in creating an individualized Shiur curriculum and he will be able to track his own progress throughout the year.

Our Environment 

Bais Shneur exists in a climate of connection, honesty, and trust, where we see Bochurim as capable young adults. Our role is to partner with them in setting individualized goals, and challenging them to push beyond their comfort zones so that they can achieve their highest potential, and leave our doors as their best self spiritually, emotionally, and physically - true Chassidim. 

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