Smicha Program


Throughout the year we have Farbrengens, Shabbatons, Yeshiva Events, Sports, Gym, Kumzitsin, BBQs, Hikes, the Kvorim Trip, and much more.

Those who keep good Seder will be eligible to be sent on Shlichus the coming year.

Learning will be from the original Shulchan Aruch and will require strong familiarity with the text.

The morning and evening hours are spent learning Chassidus and Gemoro with the rest of the Yeshiva.




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The daily schedule is as follows:


7:45 Wakeup, Mikveh

8:30 Chassidus

10:00 Shachris

11:30 Gemoro

1:00 Break

1:15 Smicha Chazoro

2:15 Lunch, Athletics

4:00 Mincha

4:15 Smicha Program

6:45 Supper

8:00 Chassidus Erev

9:00 Maariv

We are pleased to announce that the Bais Schneur Smicha program will be opening this coming year 5781-5782!


The program is for Bochurim ages 19-20.


Smicha learning will be taking place one block from Yeshiva in your own spacious Beis Medrash. Rabbi Schneur Tarlow is running the learning and teaching of the Smicha material.


This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the environment and program that Bais Schneur has to offer, while having your own space to accomplish Smicha learning.