Bais Schneur is located in Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, near the Chabad Kingston community.

The Yeshiva building includes a dormitory for 40 students, Zal, Mikvah, classrooms, lunchroom and plenty of space for recreation.

It's quiet, small town setting, with amenities, stores, state of the art JCC, and close proximity to the Chabad community of Kingston, prove it to be a setting conducive to learning and personal growth.

our staff

Menahel - Rabbi Yisroel Eichenblatt

A career dedicated to understanding and connecting with the Bochurim, and connecting Bochurim to Chassidus, Rabbi Eichenblatt was previously a Maggid Shuir in Mesivta of New Haven, and a Mashpia in New Haven Zal.

Mashpia - Rabbi Mendel Sasson

A proud alumnus of Oholei Torah, R' Mendel continued his education in Chabad Yeshivos around the world, and earned his Smicha in Eretz Yisroel. He has years of experience successfully building connections with Lubavitcher Bochurim across the spectrum, including time he spent as a beloved Shliach at JETS, helping students develop a passion for Chassidus and personal growth.

Maggid Shiur -Rabbi Schneur Tarlow

Rabbi Tarlow, who is known for his knowledge, clarity, patience and understanding, will be running our new Gemoro and Pre Smicha/Halocho Programs.

Maggid Shiur - Rabbi Ahron Levitin

Rabbi Levitin, with his incredible abitilty to relate to and engage with Bochurim, will be teaching morning Chassidus and Gemoro.

Senior Advisor/Mashpia - Rabbi Leibel Baumgarten

Rabbi Leibel Baumgarten, head Shliach of the East End, will be overseeing the policy and growth of Bais Schneur and will be coming periodically throughout the year to interact and Farbreng with the Bochurim.


What age is Bais Schneur for?

Bochurim entering Shiur Alef and Shiur Beis Zal. Typically 17-19 years old.


What is unique about Bais Schneur?

We put strong emphasis in the following areas: Personal attention from the Hanhola, diverse and customized learning curriculum, ability and tools to excersize individual skills and hobbies and transparency between the Bochurim and the Hanholo.


What type of person is Bais Schneur geared for?

Bochurim coming from Yeshiva who are motivated to grow, receptive to Yiddishkeit, are willing to put effort into making sure they maximize their abilities and time in Yeshiva and are looking for a full fledged, genuine and personal Lubavitcher Yeshiva experience.


What are the criteria for being admitted to Bais Schneur?

The criteria for being admitted to Bais Shneur focuses primarily on two qualities: 1. Personal Motivation 2. Receptivity toward Yiddishkeit.

Will I be able to keep my smartphone?

Smartphones are allowed in Yeshiva once a filter has been added which monitors internet usage.
The phones are given to the Mashgiach and are returned for use daily from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM and 9:15 PM - 11:00 PM

daily schedule

7:45 Wakeup, Mikveh

8:30 Chassidus

10:00 Shachris

11:30 Gemoro in groups

1:00 Break

1:15 Gemroh Shiurim by Levels

2:15 Lunch, Gym

4:00 Mincha

4:15 Halocho Basics and Chassidus Perspectives Shiur

5:15 Break

5:30 Yedios Klolis and Shulchan Aruch

6:30 Supper

8:00 Seder Sichos

9:00 Maariv

11:30 Lights Out